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Rosa Nguyen and Yuriko Kishida have drawn on aspects of the natural and organic world as the focus of their exhibition. Rosa's startling arrangements of hundreds of biomorphic ceramic vessel forms suggest spinal leaves, gaping-mouthed carp and headless birds, which combine effortlessly with Yuriko's sensitive and powerful floral arrangements. Rosa sees her open and closed vessels as sustaining the floral life force of Yuriko's work. Simultaneously her vessels support and receive the plants and flowers as they fade and die. Yuriko, a designer of sees her work in the Atrium as a fusion - a dialogue between ceramic and plant a. She is fascinated by the permutations of energy that flow between the two. "Somehow when you bring flowers and plants into a space, you change the energy that runs through it. It helps our wellbeing if we can allow energy to flow freely instead of blocking it..."