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Setting the Scene: New landscape in Craft at the Farnham study centre was curated by Sara Roberts. Rosa presented 'Act 1' a table landscape installation. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

Chimera Collection - a series of unique hand decorated bone china will is now available online.
Chimera Collection brings together Rosa's love for the strange and surreal, the floral and the vegetal and the eclectic urban garden aesthetic.

For this special range she draws inspiration from the botanical chimera - a hybrid creation composed of two genetically different types of tissue to create enamel painted and collaged designs of fantastical plants and landscapes. Each piece is a unique creation combining traditional and contemporary enamel print of classic English decorative floral motifs with the artist’s own images and painting of plants gleaned from London street corners, public and private local gardens and parks.

Chimera Collection is designed around a range of colours and plant species relating to different seasons and locations. Pieces can be appreciated as part of a set or individually and make desirable collectable functional art pieces.

Contact Rosa for more information on commissioning and prices. Individual items are available online on Culture label online

Rosa presented ‘Tree Follies’ two new installations at the Garden museum and Walpole Park, the garden at PM gallery and house in West London. As part of the Chelsea fringe Rosa worked with dead trees from two significant London gardens – the first, a Cercis, from garden designer Dan Pearson’s previous Peckham residence, the second an English Oak from Walpole Park.

The evolution of these ‘Follies’ can be seen on a Live - work sketches blog at http://rosanguyen-ceramics.blogspot.co.uk

31 January - 12 May

A piece from Rosa's new series of glass zoormorphic vessel forms is presented at Blackwell's Arts and Crafts house. The exhibition celebrates the work of both established and emerging makers and also reveal something of the hidden processes that underpin the glassmaker’s art. Drawings, models and photographic documentation of processes will be presented alongside the work.

For more information on other pieces click into catalogue.